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What does wearing a ring on each finger symbolize?

"People all over the world wear rings of different designs and styles. The styles, designs, and the way one wears a ring tell a lot about one’s personality, relationship status, and individuality. But there is much more than this, so before putting on your rings it is recommended to understand what each finger says about you and your lifestyle. Let us explore the hidden symbolism of rings and fingers."


The index finger, also known as the pointer finger, the trigger finger, the forefinger, and the first finger is certainly the most dominant finger. It symbolizes leadership, authority, self-esteem, and expresses pride and ambition. It is an excellent choice for showing off one’s favorite high-impact bold ring. The Yellow Sapphire ring can be worn on the index finger to enhance will power of the wearer.

Yellow Sapphire RingYellow Sapphire Ring


The middle finger ring is highly noticeable and represents power, balance, stability, and authority. Every type of ring whether it is a bold gemstone ring or a slim gold band will look good on this finger. It is also believed that one can wear Cat’s Eye ring, Blue Sapphire ring, or Hessonite ring on the middle finger after being consulted by an astrologer.

  • Cat’s Eye RingCat’s Eye Ring
  • Vintage Star Sapphire RingBlue Sapphire Ring
  • Pink Star Sapphire RingHessonite Ring


The ring finger is the most popular finger and it is associated with Earth’s moon, creativity, beauty, and romantic relationships as well. It has a wedding symbolism attached to it and bears the ultimate statement of love and affection. According to Vedic Astrology, one can wear a Ruby ring or a Red Coral ring on the ring finger for professional growth and to enhance the social status of the wearer. However, one can wear any gemstone as an engagement ring gemstone after being consulted by an astrologer.

  • Red Coral RingRed Coral Ring
  • Ruby RingRuby Ring

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The smallest finger is known by many names, pinky finger, little finger, and promise finger. The promise ring finger is a statement of communication and bonding. Wearing a promise ring on this finger is a symbol of the fulfilment of a commitment or promise. As recommended by astrologers, one can wear a Pearl ring or an Emerald ring on the little finger as it brings good luck, improves mind and body coordination and psychological health of the wearer.

  • Pearl RingPearl Ring
  • Emerald-Ring-b2Emerald Ring


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